MPC 1000: Studio Stand

Recently I scoured the internet for an MPC 1000 stand and I couldn't find anything good. I was super surprised that no one manufactures stands for the MPC. Some people suggested the On Stage Stand MIX400 and the Quiklok QL-400.

The problem with both these mixer stands is that the adjustable arms do not clamp down enough to hold the MPC 1000 snugly. The MPC 1000 just barely fits on the metal rails but it is not secure, especially when slamming out beats on it. It sounds like if you have a bigger MPC these stands will fit them nicely. But not the 1000.

So I went into my Dad's shop and in just a few hours we created a wooden casing for my MPC. I left a half inch on each side that I later filled in with foam padding. I left the front and back open so I could have complete access to all jacks. On the front I added a few metal brackets with foam padding to keep the MPC snug and prevent it sliding forward on the slanted mixer stand.

Now my MPC 1000 fits perfectly in the MIX 400 mixer stand and I can move it around the studio, adjust it up and down to play sitting or standing. I am confident that it is securely held on the stand while I pound away at it.

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