MPC 1000: Auto Slicing Samples

This MPC tutorial shows you how to automatically slice 4 bars of music and automatically assign 16 samples to the 16 pads on the MPC 1000. It is for the JJOS1 operation system. If you are not running the JJOS on your MPC, you really should be.

This is the long version. For a much quicker walkthrough of just the necessary steps check out this video:

Plug in power, input, and output and boot up your MPC. Get 4 bars of music or drums ready to record on an external audio device such as a turntable or MP3 player.

1. Press MODE then PAD 5 [ RECORD ]

To enable recording.

2. Play external input device

You should hear the audio and see levels on the Display. Use the Record Gain knob to adjust the input level. Your audio should be as loud as possible without any clipping or distortion occurring. The MPC will show peak levels if your audio is too loud.

Find the right part of your track and press play.

3. [ RECORD ] Press F6 to start recording

4. Count 4 bars of music

5. [ STOP ] Press F6 again to stop

6. [ KEEP ] Press F5 to keep it

This will temporarily saved the audio we just recorded. And by temporary I mean until you power down the MPC.

7. Press MODE then PAD 6 [ TRIM ]

Bring up the trimming interface. Your newly recorded audio should be displayed. You can preview the audio by pressing PAD 15 [ PLAY FROM ]

8. Press Q1 to enable trim left

This enables the top slider for trimming the beginning of your audio.

9. Then move the slider to adjust the trim

You will see the in-point section moving.

10. [ EDIT ] Press F6

Edit will discard anything that was not in the selection. We want to select everything from the downbeat forward and get rid of the any extra time before the downbeat. Use PAD 15 [ PLAY FROM ] to preview the selection.

11. [ DO IT ] Press F5

Discard excess audio at the beginning.

12. Enable Q1 an preview the end

Pressing the Q1 button enables the left slider again after editing. Use this to listen to the end of the track, but don’t forget to move it back the beginning.

13. Press Q2 to trim the end

Q2 enables trimming of the end of the track. Adjust the slider to the end of the 4 bars of music, right before the next downbeat.

14. Move the left slider back to the beginning

15. [ EDIT ] Press F6

Discards the end that was not part of the selection.

16. [ DO IT ] Press F5

We should now have exactly 16 bars of music.

17. [ CHOP ] Press F5

This will evenly divid the 4 bars by 16 slices. You can sample these slices (and adjust them) by using the arrow buttons to switch between then and then preview them with PAD 15 [ PLAY FROM ]

18. [ EDIT ] Press F6

Apply the slices.

19. [ F2 ] Convert to SLICED SAMPLES

Converting these slices to SLICED SAMPLES will automatically create a new PROGRAM (MPC pad mapping) with using 16 samples.

20. Arrow down [ Create new program ]

Use the down arrow button to move the cursor down to the [ Create new program ] option and then

21. Turn the DATA wheel to select [ YES ]

22. [ DO IT ] Press F5

Apply the edit and create the program.

23. Press [ MAIN ] to get back

Back to home screen.

24. Done

Have fun jamming!

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